About the Bridge Garden

The Mission Terrace Bridge Garden Project is a community effort to reclaim a neglected and blighted open space at the entranceway of the pedestrian bridge at the eastern portion of the neighborhood.

What We Have Done

  • Neighbors created a design and applied for grants in early 2006.
  • In late May 2006 we were awarded a grant of $16,000 from the San Francisco Community Challenge Grant to turn the design into a reality.
  • We have partnered with San Francisco Clean City Coalition to act as our sponsor for this project.
  • The contract with the city has been finalized and DPW will be reinstalling the water meter.
  • A third expansion of the garden will occur in early December 2007 to plant the area recently cleared by CalTrans near the highway exit.
  • Bridge Garden Volunteers have participated in community events to publicize the project and gather more volunteers.
  • Before and after photographs plus photographs of each work day. Check out the progress and volunteer effort.

Next Steps

Tasks for early December 2007:

  • complete planting near highway
  • painting
  • secure cobblestones

Interested in volunteering or donating?

Photos from work days 10/14, 10/28, & 10/29

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